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Duncan Dimensions would like to thank our players whose feedback has helped Arena evolve into higher levels of game play.


Because of Arena's new Beta design, players are encouraged to interchange Arena rules with poker play (ex. 7 card stud, 5 card draw, 7 card no-peek, etc.).

When not wagering, most players don't keep track of the highest endurance every round. When one player is out, game play moves on to the next player in clockwise rotation - instead of searching for the Gladiator with the highest endurance, as stated in Arena rules Combat Phase 6.

Also to make the game more interesting, some players have withheld Gladiators and/or Equipment cards of the same kind or suits as the ones in play - and played them later in the match on their own turn before ATTAX roles are made. Excellent strategy when your Gladiator/s are wounded, stinky strategy if your Gladiator/s are killed before your turn - leaving you with a useless hand you could have played.

Tag Team card Questions and Answers:

Q: If I have 2 Gladiators in play of the same suit, can I Tag Team in a Gladiator of a different suit? A: No, you can Tag Team in a Gladiator of the same KIND, but a player can't have 2 different Gladiators or more of different suits in play. Tip: players should wait until all their Gladiators are dead to Tag Team in a fresh Gladiator, if he's not the same kind or doesn't match suits as the Gladiator/s in play.

So cool...

...we got word some gamers from Massachusetts are adding Equipment damage and Gladiator damage together after a successful Attax roll!

ex: a Minotaur, Attax: 1(2-12) successfully Attax a Sabre Tooth Tiger END: 15 with a sword, Attax: x(2-12). Normally, the player with the Minotaur had no advantage using the sword, because with the sword or not the Minotaur's Attax would still be 1(2-12) or 1 attack for (2-12) points of damage. Now, by adding the sword's damage: (2-12) to the Minotaur's normal Attax damage: (2-12) the Minotaur's damage to the Tiger is: (4-24)!! This "strength" bonus would even apply if the sword was thrown at a flier and then discarded! Very formidable. Of course this "strength" bonus would only apply to hacking, bashing, or stabbing weapons like swords, clubs, spears, chainsaws, etc.; NOT projectile weapons like firearms, bows and arrows, magic wands, etc.

Hey, even we didn't think of that one...

...guess we created a monster. heh, heh, heh! Special thanks to Jen, Barry and Andre - keep on havin' fun...

More Cool Stuff!!

Play "Arena Poker" with a basic deck of cards and a pair of dice. Play with poker rules, when cards are called, throw down your best hand and battle it out with the Arena dice system. Card values are as follows:

Arena Poker "Aces High" ©

ACE: END: 1/14 ATTAX: 1(2-12)
KING: END: 13 ATTAX: 1(2-12)
QUEEN: END: 12 ATTAX: 1(2-12)
JACK: END: 11 ATTAX: 1(2-12)
10: END: 10 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
9: END: 9 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
8: END: 8 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
7: END: 7 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
6: END: 6 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
5: END: 5 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
4: END: 4 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
3: END: 3 ATTAX: 1(1-6)
2: END: 2 ATTAX: 1(1-6)

Speed Dicing

When playing Arena Poker "Aces High" players can use a "Speed Dicing" system using 1 white die and 1 red die to eliminate the need for a 2nd Damage Roll after the Attax Roll. Ex: cards: 2 — 10 do (1-6) Damage; cards: Ace, Jack, Queen, King do (2-12) Damage. When Attax roll is successful, cards 2 — 10 automatically use red die number to score damage. Cards: Ace, Jack, Queen and King automatically use successful Attax roll as Damage. Ex: 8 card Attax King with an Attax roll of 9, red die "6" white die 3. King's Defense roll is 7. The 8 card automatically damages King "6" points (red die) instead of rolling 1 die again for Damage roll. King Attax 8 card with Attax roll of "10". 8's Defense roll is 7. King automatically damages 8 card "10" points (both dice) instead of rolling 2 dice again for Damage roll... destroying 8 card.

Card Evolution Update:

Bows, arrows, firearms and bullets can be used individually. One use, affects fliers, (1-6) Damage each, discard after use. Use one at a time or fire them all off in one Attax roll. Ex: A Hellhound has a bow and a bullet equipment (normally useless together). Now, you can opt to Attax "shoot" the bow or the bullet off one at a time for (1-6) Damage which affects fliers. OR "shoot" them both off with one Attax roll for (2-12) Damage! Discard after use either way.

More Fun Game Play!

Before dealing cards, dealer calls game as usual... 5 card draw; 7 card no draw, etc. Dealer can call "FLIERS GROUNDED" allowing ALL Gladiators to attack each other.

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