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Arena costs less than a pizza delivered.

If you're entertaining friends, and everyone is starving, get the pizza. If not, enjoy the Game.

Beta Edition decks - Price per deck is $6.67 & $2.50 S&H.


A limited supply of Alpha Edition decks - original unstamped (no suits) are still available. Because of the addition of suits to Gladiator cards, this style is now out of print and will be extremely rare in the future, act now! Price per deck is $6.67 & $2.50 S&H.

500 Alpha Arena Decks have been signed and numbers by Arena's artists. These decks are extremely limited. Price per deck is $14.99 & $2.50 S&H.

cerberus moon card
To order, send check or money order to:

Duncan Dimensions

12 Albion Road, Freedom, ME 04941

Call (207) 382-3075 (9am-5pm EST) to order safely by Credit Card.