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Game Components: 65 cards; 2D6; 1 Arena Rules

Object of Game: 2 to 7 players battle in the ARENA with Gladiators, Equipment and Actions contained within the cards. Players use luck of the draw, dice rolling and individual strategies to defeat all other Gladiators in the Arena and win all wagers placed on them.

With the arrival of the NEW BETA EDITION (Direction1) (Direction2) comes an evolution to Arena rules: Gladiator PAX abilities are obsolete; players can NOW play as MANY Gladiators of the same "SUIT" as they can (like going for a flush in poker), or as many matching pairs as they can (like going for a full house in poker).

This evolution of game play slightly alters Combat Phase 4. PLAYIN' A GLADIATOR: As stated before, instead of only using ONE Gladiator for battle, players can match 2 or more Gladiators of the same kind...

maineac star card maineac skull card maineac moon card robot moon card robot star card
Or Suits.
phantom sun card alien sun card minotaur sun card
dark horror card
In some decks, the "Dark Horror" card is included. This card's suit is "Wild".